Mentoring Disadvantaged Candidates in Developing Countries Toward AEE Status


With a testimonial by Kemmone Mochai, EMIT, Junior Facilities Manager Redefine Properties, South Africa (Alumni of the Limpopo Economic Development Environment Tourism (LEDET) Energy Skills Program)

Achieving Certified Energy Manager (CEM) status is a challenge for most in the industry. The Energy Skills Program funded by LEDET for native candidates whom have overcome challenges of dysfunctional schooling systems, great disadvantages in living and family conditions due to legacy regimes in South Africa, have not resulted in these students shying away from the challenges and extent of effort that it required to achieve CEM without any background in the industry. Through the generous time of CEM’s in South Africa, and training support from the AEE trainers in the country, doors have opened for these students, as well as major reductions in energy use through the activities under mentorship by this program.

The paper will discuss the approach towards implementation, management of the project, and feedback from the mentors and LEDET, and lessons learnt for the future.

Presented By

Yolanda de Lange
Manager Energy Training Foundation
Board Member Southern African Energy Efficiency Confederation

Manager of the Energy Training Foundation, Board Member of the SAEEC, member of the AEE, SAEEC and AEPEA. A journalist by trade with a background in editing in electrical and energy related business to business publications, with experience in association and institute work in the engineering sector.

Throughout my career I have managed to build up a significant network of mentors and have developed a great understanding of how standards, regulations, governments and educational requirements in the energy efficiency industry all integrate in the various countries I work within in Sub-Saharan Africa.